Our main software is A/B Street, but along the way, we've split out a few related side projects. A/B Street has a huge scope, so over time, we'd like to carve out more smaller pieces from it.

The main projects:

  • A/B Street for running a traffic simulation, editing roads and intersections, and measuring the impact of your changes. It has game-like elements, but leans more on the side of being a real prototyping tool.
  • Ungap the Map for exploring current gaps in a city's bicycle network and proposing new bike lanes.
  • 15-minute neighborhood explorer for seeing where people live in relation to commercial and public amenities.
  • 15-minute Santa, a light-hearted arcade game to demonstrate the concept of a 15-minute neighborhood.
  • Low-traffic neighborhood for understanding how modal filters can discourage vehicle traffic from cutting through residential areas.

Some dedicated tools for the OpenStreetMap community:

Some pieces of the code-base are eventually destined to be stand-alone and useful for other projects:

  • widgetry Rust UI library for native/web
  • a common library for transforming OpenStreetMap key/values to a clear schema of lanes

And some planned projects: