Year 2 (June 2019-2020)

Circa October 2019

  • June: contraction hierarchies for pathfinding, stackable game states

  • July: OSM turn restrictions, misc (I think I was in Europe?)

  • August: pedestrian crowds, agent color schemes, parking blackholes, a big raw_data refactor to store Pt2D, attended first hackathon

  • September: offstreet parking, associating parked cars with buildings using Soundcast (before that, anybody could use any car!), implemented texture support for some reason, doing manual MapFixes at scale to fix OSM bugs

    • milestone: got the smallest montlake map to run without gridlock
  • October: parking sim fixes, opportunistic lane-changing, starting challenge modes

  • November: prebaked sim results, time-series plots, undo for edit mode, traffic signal editor grouping turns

    • milestone: Yuwen joins project
  • December: the UI reform begins (flexbox, minimap, trip timelines, cutting over to SVGs, info panels, scrolling), started naming releases sensibly

    • Project leaked to HN, woops
  • January: UI reform continues, the modern tutorial mode appears

  • Feburary: UI and tutorial, all text now pure vectors, port to glow+WASM

  • March: lockdowns start in US, start grouping trips as a person, population heatmap, left-hand driving, info panel and typography overhauls. started engaging with Greenways, started effort to map traffic signals

  • April: Orestis joins and starts the pandemic model, trip tables, the optimize commute challenge, refactor for people's schedules and owned vehicles, trip time dat viz, MAJOR progress fixing gridlock at the sim layer

  • May: gridlock progress, upstreaming fixes in OSM, differential throughput and first real write-up, long-lasting player edits, dedicated parking mapper, maybe vanquished the HiDPI bugs, multi-step turn restrictions, random bios for people, and docs like this to prep for launch ;)

    • milestone: relying on pure OSM, no more MapFixes