Year 3 (June 2020-2021)

  • June: parking lots, real minimap controls, road labels
  • July: loads of bugfixes, map geometry improvements, UI cleanups, access-restricted zones for private neighborhoods and no-through-traffic, better traffic generation between home<->work for new maps, complete overhaul to bus routes and introduction of light rail, commute pattern explorer, importing Krakow and Berlin, smarter lane-changing, walkable shoulders for roads without sidewalks
  • August: Michael joins, multiple traffic signals can be edited together, started a headless JSON API, support for other languages in OSM data, started congestion capping, backwards-compatible and more robust map edits, two-way cycletracks, more cities imported, slurry of bugfixes and performance improvements
  • September: full support for driving on the left, textured color scheme, rendering isometric buildings, editing traffic signal offsets, a big round of UI changes, infinite parking mode, trip purpose, alleyways
  • October: unit tested turn generation, web version launched with async file loading, thought bubbles showing agent goals, slow parts of a trip highlighted, more UI overhauls, dedicated OSM viewer mode started, major simulation performance optimizations, major progress towards live map edits, automatically picking boundaries for arbitrary cities
  • November: switched from Dropbox to S3, download new maps in-game, collision dataviz UI, day/night color switching, unit testing lane changing behavior, starting the 15 min walkshed tool, simplified simulation spawning code, recording and replaying traffic around a few intersections, refactoring to split out separate tools
  • December: lane-changing fixes, blocked-by explorer in debug mode, non-Latin font support on web, saving player state on web, census-based scenario generation started, 15 minute Santa