Year 1 (June 2018-2019)

I skimmed through git and summarized roughly what I was working on each month, calling out milestones. "UI churn" is pretty much constantly happening.

  • June: polyline geometry and lanes, building paths, protobuf -> serde

  • July: pedestrians, bikes, parked cars, lane edits

  • August: porting AORTA's discrete-time driving model

  • September: multi-leg trips, buses, the first ezgui wizard, randomized scenarios

  • October: A/B test mode (and so per-map plugins), forking RNG for edit-invariance, intersection geometry

  • November: clipping / borders, using blockface for parking, time travel mode, test runner framework

  • December: bezier curves for turns, traffic signal editor, a first attempt at merging intersections, right-click menus, a top menu, modal menus

    • the grand colorscheme refactor: a python script scraped cs.get_def calls at build-time
  • January: careful f64 resolution, ezgui screencapping, synthetic map editor

    • grand refactor: piston to glium
  • February: attempting to use time-space intervals for a new driving model, new discrete-event model instead

    • Feb 19-27: conceiving and cutting over to the new discrete event model
  • March: fleshing out DES model (laggy heads), first attempt to build on windows, gridlock detection

  • April: first public releases, splash screen and rearranging game modes

  • May: fancier agent rendering, attempting to use census tracts, finding real demand data

    • milestone: discovered PSRC Soundcast data, much more realistic trips