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  • Split map into sections, simulate in parallel, load-balance
  • has an IDM equation
  • tests against real TomTom data of average speed per link


SimCity, Cities: Skylines

Open source urban planning



Sidewalk Labs Model

Maps for people

section 6.3 talks about offset polylines


Discrete Event Simulation papers

  • section 5.1 of Advanced tutorial on microscopic discrete-event traffic simulation refers to some DES systems

    • Florian, Mahut, and Tremblay 2008
    • Sumaryo, Halim, and Ramli 2013
    • Salimifard and Ansari 2013
    • Burghout, Koutsopoulos, and Andreasson 2006
    • Thulasidasan, Kasiviswanathan, Eidenbenz, Galli, Mniszewski, and Romero 2009
  • A Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Highly Congested Urban Networks

    • section 2.2 models lanes as a moving and queueing part, references other possibly useful papers
    • dont worry about multiple lanes for the moving part, just the turn queues at the end

Tactical urbanism