The whole point of A/B Street is for people to suggest real fixes to their city, so here's the list. In most cases, we're not yet able to use A/B Street itself to illustrate the problem or solution -- but that shouldn't stop this list from starting.

If you want to add anything here, contact us!


Disclaimer: currently this is just one person's (Dustin) list, so it reflects my experiences and biases. South Seattle is conspicuously missing -- I need to go explore more.

Safety problems biking:

  • Airport Way southbound from ID to Georgetown. The right lane has a huge shoulder; at least paint a bike lane
  • Broadway bike lanes missing between Highland and John
  • Partitioning off a lane of Aurora at Green Lake west, proposed by Seattle Greenways
  • Bike lanes vanishing halfway up Harvard to Roanoke
  • The massive intersection where the Burke Gilman meets Corliss
  • No passing room on Fuhrman/Boyer

Antagonistic traffic signal timing:

(Why are these important: they're hopefully a cheap change, and problems here add up, making driving the most convenient option.)

  • Northbound on 11th after the University Bridge
  • Turning left from 11th Ave NE to Ravenna
  • The double crosswalk at Montlake / Husky Stadium
  • Cherry and 12th; long cycle time for people crossing near Seattle University
  • Yesler and Broadway slow beg buttons
  • Unmarked beg buttons around Beacon Hill, and no bike actuators
  • Beg buttons along Interurban near Bitter Lake

Larger changes:


There's some idea related to a cycle-path on the A5


Over time, each idea will link to a full write-up. That page can have any format, but I imagine this basic structure is useful:

  • Describe the problem
    • A clear map showing the scope of the issue
    • Include pictures and videos from a physical survey, or maybe annotated satellite imagery
    • Use A/B Street to demonstrate the problem for individual people or in aggregate
  • Describe the proposed solution
    • Ideally A/B Street is useful for visualizing the change, and measuring quantitative results.
    • Explain any limits with the modelling
  • Give context on the problem
    • Is this being discussed anywhere -- often on Twitter?
    • Are there other proposals or write-ups?
  • Give arguments against the proposed solution
    • Unintended consequences, prohibitive costs, alternate routes available