Module map_model::pathfind

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Everything related to pathfinding through a map for different types of agents.



  • engine 🔒
  • node_map 🔒
    Some helpers for working with fast_paths.
  • pathfinder 🔒
  • To deal with complicated intersections and short roads in OSM, cluster intersections close together and then calculate UberTurns that string together several turns.
  • v1 🔒
  • v2 🔒
    Structures related to the new road-based pathfinding ( live here. When the transition is done, things here will probably move into pathfind/
  • vehicles 🔒
    Pathfinding for cars, bikes, buses, and trains using contraction hierarchies
  • walking 🔒
    Pathfinding for pedestrians, as well as figuring out if somebody should use public transit.




  • zone_cost 🔒
    Heavily penalize crossing into an access-restricted zone that doesn’t allow this mode.