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The sim crate runs a traffic simulation on top of the map_model. See also

The simulation is very roughly layered into two pieces: the low-level “mechanics” of simulating individual agents over time, and higher-level systems like TripManager and TransitSimState that glue together individual goals executed by the agents.

Helpful terminology:

  • sov = single occupancy vehicle, a car with just a driver and no passengers. (Car passengers are not currently modelled)



  • analytics 🔒
  • events 🔒
  • make 🔒
    Everything needed to setup a simulation.
  • mechanics 🔒
  • pandemic 🔒
    An experimental SEIR model by glued to the traffic simulation. Transmission may occur when people spend time in shared spaces like buildings, bus stops, and buses.
  • recorder 🔒
  • render 🔒
    Intermediate structures so that sim and game crates don’t have a cyclic dependency.
  • router 🔒
    For vehicles only, not pedestrians. Follows a Path from map_model, but can opportunistically lane-change to avoid a slow lane, can can handle re-planning to look for available parking.
  • scheduler 🔒
  • sim 🔒
  • transit 🔒
  • trips 🔒