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The contents of this crate need to be organized better:

  • Timer (a mix of logging, profiling, and even parallel execution)
  • true utility functions (collections, prettyprinting, CLI parsing


pub use logger::*;
pub use time::*;


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A counter per key
A drop-in replacement for BTreeMap, where the keys have the property of being array indices. Some values may be missing. Much more efficient at operations on individual objects, because it just becomes a simple array lookup.
Use with BinaryHeap. Since it’s a max-heap, reverse the comparison to get the smallest cost first.
Convenience functions around a string->string map
Use when your key is just PartialEq, not Ord or Hash.



Trick to make a cloneable Any from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30353462/how-to-clone-a-struct-storing-a-boxed-trait-object/30353928#30353928.
Use with FixedMap. From a particular key, extract a usize. These values should be roughly contiguous; the space used by the FixedMap will be O(n) with respect to the largest value returned here.


Transforms some command-line arguments into URL query parameters, using & as the separator between arguments. The string returned starts with ?, unless the arguments are all empty.
Returns arguments passed in from the command-line, starting with the program name.
Deserializes a BTreeMap from a list of tuples. Necessary when the keys are structs; see https://github.com/serde-rs/json/issues/402.
Deserializes a HashMap from a list of tuples.
Deserializes a MultiMap.
Deserializes a usize from a u32.
Deserializes an object from the bincode format.
Deserializes an object from the bincode format, from a reader.
Deserializes an object from a JSON string.
Deserializes an object from JSON, from a reader.
Runs a command, asserts success. STDOUT and STDERR aren’t touched.
Serializes a BTreeMap as a list of tuples. Necessary when the keys are structs; see https://github.com/serde-rs/json/issues/402.
Serializes a HashMap as a list of tuples, first sorting by the keys. This ensures the serialized form is deterministic.
Serializes a MultiMap.
Serializes a usize as a u32 to save space. Useful when you need usize for indexing, but the values don’t exceed 2^32.
The number of bytes for an object serialized to bincode.
Transforms an object to bincoded bytes.
Stringifies an object to nicely formatted JSON.
Stringifies an object to terse JSON.