Case studies

Note: Most of these still aren't started, because the baseline simulation in the relevant area isn't working. Unknown traffic signal timing, bad guesses at the amount of off-street parking, lanes tagged incorrectly in OpenStreetMap, and simulation bugs cause unrealistic gridlock. It's hard to evaluate a change without a realistic baseline.

In progress:


  • Close Broadway and Pine to through-traffic
  • Traffic signal timing at Montlake/520 and Montlake/Pacific
    • Walking around here is frustrating, and pre-COVID, vehicle traffic got fairly stuck
  • Pedestrianizing the Ave (u-district)
    • I can't find the proposal anymore; maybe this?
  • Eastlake bike lanes / RapidRide J
    • See here and here
    • Need to audit lanes in OSM along Eastlake
    • Especially with the Fairview Ave bridge out, detouring to the Cheshiahud loop isn't as useful
  • Madison / RapidRide G
  • Bus lanes on Denny
  • Bike Master Plan
  • Downtown one-way snake
    • An old crazy idea I've always wanted to try
  • Unsorted ideas